Teen Teaches Children’s Harbor Residents How to Cook

By Debby Teich

Fourteen-year-old Jamie Cohen loves to cook. She recently shared her passion with six girls, ages eight to 16, at Children’s Harbor in Pembroke Pines, a nationally accredited nonprofit agency with a mission to provide a safe harbor and support to at risk children, youth, and families – keeping brothers and sisters together, strengthening families, and guiding youth towards independence. She taught the lesson as part of her charity, “Peace Love Eat.”
“I am very happy that I have the opportunity to help teach kids how to cook and possibly make a difference in their lives,” said Jamie.

For her first visit, Jamie selected two easy recipes – egg white omelets and strawberry Danish with homemade jam. Each girl made several Danish for themselves and got to keep the extra ingredients, so they could continue cooking after she left. She also gave each of them a recipe book. This month, Jamie will return to teach the same group of girls how to cook chocolate chip cookies and chocolate chip pancakes. She plans to meet with them every other month.
“I had an amazing time teaching the girls at Children’s Harbor how to cook,” said Jamie. “I taught them several cooking techniques that I hope they use in the future. They were all so excited to learn.”

Margo Dewar, Development & Systems Coordinator, said that Jaimie did a great job. “Jaime was awesome,” said Dewar. “The kids loved her. They cannot wait for her to come back to teach them more things to cook.”

It all began in October 2016, when Jamie started a YouTube channel to teach teenagers how to cook easy meals with seven ingredients or less. Some of the recipes, which are all posted on her website, include: Hawaiian Chicken, Pesto Pasta, Caprese Panini, Vanilla Cupcakes, Healthy Brownies and more. She currently has over 100 subscribers.

As she got better at cooking, Jamie decided to create a charity that is connected to the YouTube channel. In August 2017, she launched “Peace Love Eat” so she could begin teaching kids how to cook in person. She spent time building a website and held her first event at Children’s Harbor. 

“After starting my YouTube channel, I realized how much I loved teaching cooking,” said Jamie. “I think that cooking is an extremely important skill that everyone should know (even if it’s only the basics). I thought it would be a great idea to teach kids how to cook, but in person. If you learn when you are younger, it will be easier as you get older. The food I make is easy to learn and does not have too many ingredients. Also, the kids can learn different tips with cooking that can help them cook other meals too.”

In the future, Jamie plans to expand her efforts to include more teenagers and possibly the elderly throughout Broward County.
For information, visit www.peaceloveeat.net.